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“Healthy France” aims to set high standards of Ayurveda teaching in France. We believe in setting up strong roots so that there is no confusion and Ayurveda grows strongly throughout France. Contact us to organize or join in our various Ayurveda Courses and certificate courses on Basics of Ayurveda, Pain Management Therapies of Ayurveda, Diet and Lifestyle management courses, Aesthetics and Beauty courses, Massage Training’s, Ayurvedic natural detoxification and Panchakarma treatments, Marma Therapies or Basics of Yoga and Ashtang Yoga Classes and training’s etc.


“Healthy France” team understands the necessity and requirements of French Standards and thus provides the best in class service in all the thing may it be Classes, Lectures, Conferences, Consultations, Training’s, Treatments and guidance and counselling.

Why People Choose Us

Everything’s on schedule

All our Schedules for Classes, Retreats and Consultations are planned well in advance and we even keep some space for extra sudden last minute appointments and treatments so feel free to contact us

Destination variety

We Organize Classes, Retreats and Consultations all over France. If you wish to organize classes for your clients, Patients, or friends than feel free to contact us and Let’s Plan it together


We believe that all are patients, participants and students are our Family and so we take utmost care on deciding the venues, ambiance and surroundings, so you feel comfortable in a friendly environment and learn more and benefit more.

Dr. Nidhi Jha

Co-Founder and Inspiration

Dr. Dhanwantari Jha


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